Blood Bowl 2 Replay Viewer

The Blood Bowl 2 Replay Viewer can load Blood Bowl 2 replay files (*.bbrz) and display the actions taken during the game.
It also features a Planner mode, where it is possible to play out a turn in different ways find better solutions or practise one-turn setups.

Current Version 1.4.11

Version History


If you already have a previous version of the viewer downloading and replacing the executable will update the program to the latest version.
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The Turn Mode

The turn mode is active while the tab 'Turn' is selected and it displays the actions taken in the replay. You can navigate through the replay by clicking on the turn buttons on top of the pitch, on the actions in the list view and by using the Next/Previous action and turn buttons below the list (</> - <</>>).


The Planner Mode

The planner mode is active while the tab 'Planner' is selected. Like the turn mode it displays the actions taken in the replay (and can be navigated in the same manner as the turn mode). In addition the planner mode allows you to remove part or all of the actions taken in a turn and replace them with new ones.

Removing and Restoring Actions

In planner mode you can manipulate the action list in four ways:


Adding actions

The buttons under Commands let you pick which action to add to the turn. To add an action the last action in the list must be selected. The program will display several skillchecks which, unlike in the real game, will all be successfull. While the program will track some blood bowl rules (moverange, leap) most of the rules (one pass / blitz per turn) are ignored. Generally to add an actions the button for the action has to be pressed, a player has to be selected and then the target square has to be picked. Save for the move button every button will be unchecked after the corresponding skill is used. While the action list is limited, some skills can be 'simulated' e.g. Hypnotic Gaze with a Block-Down without a push.

Manipulating the field

If the Start Turn entry is the only entry in the action list it is possible to change the player positions by dragging them around. This can break the ball placement, so use the Place Ball function to put it in the desired square after your done.


Under the Setting Tab you can change what is displayed on the pitch:


If you ever played against me you know that I make mistakes and sadly my code might contain some.
In some cases the program 'misplaces' the ball leading to the carrier picking it up on his first move. In that case deleting the move action, adding a move action for a different player and deleting it usually fixes the ball position.
Since I had no documentation for the replay format I had to find replays that include the use of skills in the game, so some of the more 'exotic' skills might not be displayed correctly (usually displayed as unknown in the list).